I want you all to know that I seriously considered writing my entire post in this space and using the post body for the title.

We’re trying to do a lot with our revamp of searchme.com, but I think in the end our goal is not so much to improve upon the original site but rather to design what we think it should have been in the first place.  We’ve used the ideas of the original but we haven’t really used it as a base to be improved upon.  So my question is, have we built a site that is not better than the current searchme.com, but one that is, by the standards of the market and users today, a good and usable search engine that features a visual representation of results.  This is something that we as a group feel that Searchme.com does not provide, and competing with big guns like Google or, umm, well competing with a big player like Google with an already well established market share is no short order.  In fact the scale of this task is such that I don’t expect us to finish before the semester ends.  Yeah, we’ll refine the design and get closer to the final result but for something like this I’m not sure we have to time to reach that point where enough is enough and we call it good.

The testing will help us refine what we have to offer and get closer to our goal of something that can split the search market into text and visual, and closer to being not only the best visual search site but a serious competitor to Google, but to the point where Google has to work to break into some of our market.  There just isn’t time for us to design such a thing and getting it running is well beyond the scope of what we’re doing here, but I think with all the ideas and possibilities we have running around the product we end up with will be great but not the end.  All the testing is going to do is tell us what doesn’t work and give us ideas for new things.


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