Blog Topic?

What are we supposed to write about?


3 Responses to “Blog Topic?”

  1. johnsong Says:

    Read the blog post before – that should give you a good idea.

  2. jpanovic Says:

    Dude, don’t be like that. A pet peeve of mine is when I google for answers to questions- usually Linux related, like what version of a driver works best with my wireless whatever- and the first page of results is all support forum threads which either go unanswered, or the first answer is just a link to the google search which I performed to find the place, and the person stating to just click the first result.

    Look, buddy, that’s what I did to get here. This is a support forum, not a “your question is so far below me that I’ll just brush you off” forum. They don’t even really have very many of those. The point is, buddy, that you just created an infinite loop of not helping anyone. And when you do that you get more threads with the same question. If you’d just answer the damn thing or at least provide a permanent link to the answer (though an answer would be better because people who host linux tech support sites are poor and can’t afford them for long) then you wouldn’t have to answer the question again and everyone maximizes the benefits of the situation, instead of the scenario YOU seem to prefer, linux support buddy, which costs everyone time and is generally a nuisance. Plus half the time I end up registering at your support forum to tell you how, despite your impressive ego/post count that I KNOW you work on increasing, you’re an idiot who spends his time not answering questions on a linux support board. Learn how to code and contribute to the kernel instead, or maybe this community-supported open source software scene isn’t for you and you should try a bowling league instead.

    Back to present day- just answer the questions people ask so that future generations may partake, and so that I don’t become a volcano of rage.

    tl;dr what question do you have about the design and will the prototype help answer it or something along those lines.

  3. johnsong Says:

    I like infinite loops, and I wrote the local root exploit for Kernel

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