LG enV2

Sorry about the late post. I just got authoring privileges for our blog.

I’ll keep this blog going with a post about a phone not yet covered. I have an LG enV2 phone by Verizon Wireless. To get a basic understanding of the phone it has both a 10 digit number pad with large easy to use buttons and a full qwerty keyboard on the inside. It has a very simple two line screen on the front to perform basic functions and a large high contrast screen on the inside the reveals the phones advanced features. I personally have grown accustomed to a 10 digit texting style and figured a transition to a phone with both input methods would provide a good transition.

It is pretty apparent to me that from a design perspective the phone is designed for users with multimedia messaging as a top priority. This way users would be able to make simple phone calls without even opening the phone and when the user wanted to send a text message it would be as simple as flipping open the phone.

There is however a terrible interaction design flaw with this particular cellular phone. I found through using it that the outside screen is too limiting. I found myself very frustrated when I  wanted to perform more advanced functions without having to open the phone. For example, you can only view or compose a text with a maximum of 160 characters without opening the phone. This becomes a burden as I found myself switching between both input methods in the same message. Additionally the front interface lacks the ability to scroll from side to side to edit messages. If a mistake is made you must flip over the phone and correct it unless you wants to backspace all the way back to the error. To make this transition even worse once you open the phone you can’t return to the front interface for that text.

The inner interface contains far too many buttons and gives the phone an intimidating and cluttered look. I found myself hitting incorrect buttons or buttons too many times. There is also odd button shading which distracts from the full qwerty pad.

From an interaction design perspective the phone needs some revamping. There would be very simple changes that could drastically increase product satisfaction and present a simpler to use device. I guess until I get used to the full qwerty keyboard with small buttons I won’t truly be satisfied.


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  1. C Says:

    I want this PHONE !!!!

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